We are singers of songs and tellers of tales; stories for weary travelers who sail salt slung seas.

Words lifted purposely one by one; thrown over sides of ships to appease wrathful, raging storms.

Songs for racing hearts; cheers for heroes, hung high overhead, fearlessly balanced on single strand, falling gracefully, fearlessly, though air towards ground and dust.

Words of loss and lament; of leaving behind and moving forward; following through for new and next.

Dusty ideas shook full of fresh air and lit by angry flame, floating upward, breaking bonds of earth and sky.

Steady tunes for humming gentle breaths to self, as gears of inspiration, motivation and creation begin their tireless turning.

Groans of mighty machines marching and invading in epic wars; grand gestures for sweeping worlds away and dancing in their dust.

Melodies to usher in the end of ages, mourn their passing, and raise them up again.


Manny Jasus - Guitar/Vocals

Steven Guerrera - Bass

Jay Buck - Drums